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Sunlite Facial 3D Spectral Scan

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Sunlite Facial 3D Spectral Scan is an innovative new skin analysis system that utilizes advanced 3D spectral skin imaging capabilities. This cutting-edge technology is used to visually analyze multiple layers of the skin simultaneously, for pre-treatment skin analyses that are far more detailed and precise than assessing with the naked eye.

At BioMed Spa Vail, we use the latest skin analysis technology to make a more detailed, accurate, and personalized analysis. Here are just a few of the many features that make Sunlite Facial 3D Spectral Scan an invaluable tool for those who take their results seriously.

BENEFITS OF Sunlite Facial 3D Spectral Scan

  • Identifies dozens of factors that are undetectable within the visual spectrum 

  • Ultra-HD 3D imaging provides detailed analysis of skin age and structure 

  • Intense magnification in normal, parallel polarized, cross polarized, and UV light 

  • AI Smart Image face recognition to automatically match previous skin images 

  • Provides detailed analysis of pores, elasticity, pigment, skin tone, and more 

  • Detailed reporting features to better identify treatment options

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